We keep looking for new investment opportunities with companies or projects regarding new and perspective technologies. At the beginning there is always a clear exit strategy, aiming to find a strategic partner in order to develop the company´s activities and use the synergy comming out of the cooperation with the SICF.

In this area, we finished quite a lot of successful projects, for example, the purchase, restructuring and sale of the company Zkušebnictví (JSC), starting, development and sale of the company Conteg (JSC) and companies of the Grape group, or the purchase, restructuring and sale of the company Transgas Net (later NET4NET).

We look after, for example, shares in companies such as United Hydrogen Group LLC, Q Park Měšice Ltd. or L7 Group (JSC) for major share holders or our partners.

Q Park Měšice

Restructuring and development of the logistics campus at Měšice near Prague.

Acquisition of companies Kali Ltd. and Alika Ltd., their subsequent merger and the emergence of the company Q Park Ltd. Project financing of 500 million CZK.

L7 Group

Restructuring and development of car and transport vehicle freight in companies.

United Hydrogen Group Llc

Hydrogen production and sales in the USA.

Private placement 15 million USD.


Financing and restructuring, 1998-2001
15 million CZK


Acquisitions, restructuring and sale, 2002
basic capital 72 million CZK

NET4NET, a.s.

Acquisitions, restructuring and sale of the 100% share, 2004-2007

Grape SC, a.s.

Sale of the 100 % share, 2007

Al Invest Břidličná, a.s.

Company acquisition, 2005

Helicar, a.s.

100 % Company acquisition


Acquisition of the company Alika, s.r.o. and taking over business activities of the company Setto, s.r.o.


100 % Company acquisition