Professional advice

We provide professional consultation services focusing on the growth of companies, mainly in the following areas:

Corporate Finance
Project financing, merger and acquisition, strategic partnerships, external financing

Restructuring and management of companies
Independent project management, company restructuring

Czechpol Energy

Project financing, 1999-2001
4,2 billion CZK


12% acquision of the heating plants Teplárny Otrokovice, 1999
75 million CZK


100 % acquisition of the company Czechpol Energy, 1999-2000

Professional advice, 1999
USD 20 million

C.S. Cargo, a.s.

Professional advice, 2004

Net4Net, a.s.

Debt financing, 2004
60 million CZK

ČSAD Mělník, a.s., ČSAD Střední Čechy, spol. s r.o.

Professional advice, 2004
140 million CZK


ACT Investment, B.V.

Co-financing of the purchase, restructuring of the debt of the Charouz Holding group, 2003-2004
550 mil. CZK

Transgasnet, a.s.

Company acquisition, 2003-2004

ČSAD Mělník, a.s., ČSAD Střední Čechy, spol. s r.o.

Project financing 2003-2004
15 million CZK

Grape Technologies, a.s., Grape Services, a.s., Grape SC, a.s.

Start-Up 2004
15 million CZK

Elfort Netcom, s.r.o.

Investments advice, 2004


AIB CZ, a.s.

Debt financing, 2005
600 million CZK

Elfort Distribution, a.s.

Connected Elfort, s.r.o.
Professional advice when selling the company, 2006

Geomine, spol. s r.o.

Professional advice when selling the 100 % share, 2006-2007

Al Invest Břidličná, a.s.

Revolving and term syndicated loans, 2006
1,65 billion CZK

Měď Povrly, a.s.

Professional advice when selling the 89,75 % share, 2007


Private placement, 2007
Twill Holdings, Ltd.